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This book on the "Contribution of Women in the Global Islamic Economy", is a collection of profiles and interviews of women who have contributed to the development of various sectors of the Islamic Economy from different countries of the world.

This book was conceptualised with an objective to inspire the next generation of leaders by showcasing the journey, challenges, and contributions of women in various sectors of the Islamic Economy. Glimpses of their personal lives are also shared, as well as their inspiration and motivation, that drives them to persevere in their journey to benefit the Ummah.

This book can also be used as a guide to prevent Islamophobia and misconceptions about Islam in non-Islamic countries, since this book shows the daily and professional lives of incredible women.

80% of net proceed from the sale of E-book and 50% of net proceed from the sale of print edition is dedicated to Single Moms Support Ecosystem InshaaAllah. This project is implemented through the Islamic Economy Academy and Halal Center of Commerce & Industry in collaboration with the participants in this book and credible NGOs globally. This will be as sadaqah from all the contributors of this book inshaaAllah.

The Social Impact

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